Walter Osztovics

Kovar & Partners works with a team of experienced consultants. All of our consultants have got at least ten year professional experience at the heart of politics – as employees in national parliaments and the European Parliament, as strategists in big interest groups, as journalists in the departments of politics and economy.

That is why our consultants know the players in governments and parliaments. We know how politics work and are aware of the – official and unofficial! – Rules.

Observing political developments is part of our continuous work. Kovar & Partners has accurate knowledge about the fields energy, finance, health and social affairs, trade, industry, food, telecommunications, tourism and transport.

It is the policy of Kovar & Partners to only work for companies and organizations. So far we did support many of the top Austrian companies! To us it is especially important to avoid incoherencies in the first place: Therefore we don’t accept orders from parties or ministries.

Another important point for you as a client: Your project will always be supervised from at least two consultants. Thus, a consultant who knows your project well will available for you at all times.

Walter Osztovics