Our offer to you! In Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and Brussels.

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The team of the Public Affairs Alliance supports you strategic interests with European foresight, German productivity Swiss precision, and Austrian diplomacy.

Europe is moving closer together. At the same time it remains a construct consisting of many heterogenous parts. Companies that want to stay in the game need to be present in Brussels as well as in important capital cities such as Berlin and Vienna. Although not a member of the EU, Switzerland remains a significant and economically dynamic location whose importance is growing all the time.

Public Affairs Alliance is a tightly-knit strategic consortium of four companies, based in four key locations of the European economic arena.

  • You are the head of an international company which wants to establish itself in Zurich, Berlin, Brussels or Vienna?
  • You lead a corporation in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. You are therefore not only watching developments in Brussels but you also need to know which of the issues under discussion in Vienna or Berlin will become part of the European agenda?
  • You are looking for a partner to represent your interests who is as internationally positioned as you are?
  • You are planning an international business project and want to safeguard your political interests in German-speaking countries as well as at EU level?

Talk to us. We offer you extensive experience in the political sphere, detailed know-how in strategy development and our direct contacts to key decision-makers. Wherever you need us we are there.

eacon – European Affairs Consulting Group

Your Brussels-based partner in the EU

Lobbying in the EU means that you need to stay on the ball at all times. Council, Commission and Parliament seem to work at an extremely slow pace but once momentum starts to build the consequences can be considerable. One of the most important criteria for success in Brussels is to get into the game as early as possible. eacon serves as your eyes and ears on the European ground – ready to act on your behalf whenever the need arises.


Your policy advisor in Germany

KovarHuss is your direct connection to Berlin and Germany. In this important and highly dynamic political arena it is crucial to have experienced and successful policy advisors. KovarHuss  represents your national and European interests and provides you with sound analysis, effective strategies and operational support, both at Federal and regional level.

MUELLER Consulting & Partner

Your representative in Bern, Zurich, and the whole of Switzerland

The Swiss political system is highly decentralised. Successful representation of interests within this system requires substantial experience and a profound understanding of the written and unwritten rules of the game. MC&P are real insiders who have all the right contacts and will represent your interests not only in the capital Bern but also in the economic hub of Zurich as well as in the cantons.

Kovar & Partners 

A strong ally in Austria

Kovar & Partners is one of the leading specialists in Public Affairs. Our team of experienced advisers is extremely well-connected and knows the specifics of Austrian politics inside-out. They will accompany and support you and your business interests and guide you safely through the jungle of a system characterized by federalism and an institutionalized social partnership.